Tourists, travellers and tourism sector stakeholders need information on the short-term and seasonal-climatic conditions for scheduling their vacations and business plans. CRITERION provides this information tailored to specific UNESCO cultural heritage monuments in Greece such as the Acropolis, Delos, Corfu, Meteora, Patmos, Delfi, Thessaloniki etc. The online platform provides an efficient way of browsing through the unique microclimate characteristics of each monument and supports the users to make decisions prior to their visit, making the touristic experience more special and convenient. The service has been designed by the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology at the Academy of Athens, in the frame of "e-shape (EuroGEO Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe)".


The short term forecast is provided by WRF model at 4×4 km analysis over Greece and the seasonal forecast is from the 50 ensemble members of ECMWF C3S Copernicus Service.

This service was developed by the Academy of Athens
in the framework of the EU-funded EuroGEO e-shape project.